Who Is Your Fall Crush? (PrepGirls Edition)

In springtime, it is said, love is in the air.  That may well be true, but fall is definitely the season for an innocent crush.  Back to school, dressed in tweeds and corduroy, we all remember that new girl or boy that caught our eye in class, those innocent early days of fall when love was all infinite potential and just holding hands made the heart go pitter-patter.  To celebrate our favorite time of year we at (elegantology) ask you the simple question: Who is your fall crush?  We present 10 crushworthy cinematic preppies (ladies first) and ask you to vote for your favorite.  We would accept an invite to the Sadie Hawkins dance from any one of these lovely ladies of prep.

Charlotte – Kate Beckinsale  The Last Days of Disco (1998)


Jennifer Cavalleri – Ali MacGraw  Love Story (1970)


Chris Noel – Alexandra Powers  Dead Poets Society (1998)


Tracy – Mariel Hemingway  Manhattan (1979)


Audrey Rouget – Carolyn Farina  Metropolitan (1990)


Marge Sherwood – Gwyneth Paltrow  The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)


Joan Brandwyn – Julia Stiles  Mona Lisa Smile (2003)


Penelope Witherspoon – Kristin Holby  Trading Places (1983)


Sally Wheeler – Amy Locane  School Ties (1992)


Susan – Candice Bergen  Carnal Knowledge (1971)



If you would like to make a suggestion of a crushworthy cinematic preppy (boy or girl) please leave a comment and tell us why you think they are the bee’s-knees.  

PrepBoy edition coming soon….


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