Summer Must-Have: The Kiel James Patrick Bracelet

Spring is here.  Although, in the northeast, it seems very little spring has sprung.  None-the-less summer will be fast upon us and now is the time to square away those summer essentials.  You may not be in a position to totally refurbish for the hot season, but a few key additions can reinvent last year’s buys as this year’s standouts.

We at GG believe it’s the little things that make one stand out from the crowd.  A popped collar, slightly wrinkled oxford, perfectly matched or perfectly mismatched pocket square, it’s the whole gestalt of an outfit that makes it sit-up and hum.   So we are always on the lookout for that little extra something to take an ensemble from the level of mere man to gentleman.

Kiel James Patrick crafts his handmade bracelets in his native Rhode Island.  Back in his prep-school days KJP began creating the prototypes for what would become his signature bracelets, culling from vintage clothing stores and antique shops.  This local invention has continued, blossoming into a homegrown industry now sold worldwide.  The company’s origins still resonate in its creations, a unique balance between Rhode Island’s nautical heritage and Kiel’s own preppy aesthetic.  This attention to locale reads in the bracelets, which look and feel truly handmade, almost custom.  But, the dedication to the local does not end in the design stage.  As the website proudly states:

“Our fabrics are all purchased locally, from Rhode Island and Boston area businesses, and the nautical rope we use comes from T.W. Evan in Cranston, Rhode Island. Even our production is based in my home state of Rhode Island.  Everything I design is handcrafted in the United States…. As we expand our product lines and grow the Kiel James Patrick brand, I will continue supporting local businesses, and providing new jobs to the people from my community.”

Dress It Up.  Paired here with a Rolex Datejust and red white and blue knot cuff-links from Brooks Brothers.

The New Traditional.  Paired here with a navy Cartier Tank and Tiffany & Co. pearls.

The neo-preppy revival may be all but over, with a seemingly never-ending onslaught of boat shoe variations and oh-so-clever bowties.  Both the industry and the everyman crave something new.  When the dust settles there will only be a few companies left standing; designers that take the preppy beyond mere reference, expanding the traditional by creating products that ground themselves in craftsmanship and the simplicity of earnest design.  Designers like KJP are inventing the new classics.

All this comes together to make the KJP bracelet a must-have accessory for the summer.  Anyone who is anyone will be sporting a bit of KJP from the beach to the boardroom.


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