Think Fast; It’s the Thought that Counts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, as always, has come faster than expected.  All the restaurant reservations are, by now, taken.  You need to make a move before it’s too late!  Here are a few quick, yet traditional, ideas to keep you in good graces with your significant other.

A Rose By Any Other Name

In a squeeze the standard red rose can get you by, these flowers are the classic default, but why not add a bit more style by choosing red and white tulips.   Loosely arranged in a bouquet and tied with a silk ribbon (or, in a pinch, a bow tie) these flowers lend a more contemporary casual feel.

Chocolate, Outside The Box

Nothing says, “I forgot!” like stale chocolates in a heart-shaped box.  They have, at this point, become the cliché of a bad valentine’s gift.  Here are a few chocolate companies that put care and craft into these endorphin-producing bites of love.


This SoHo chocolatier creates the most delicious little morsels, all by hand, with unusual flavors: balsamic, blood orange, jasmine, lavender, lemongrass.   Try the mini crème brûlée!


Bridgewater makes a wide variety of choices, truffles, cookies and toffee.  For Valentine’s Day they package most of their works in a cute red box, wrapped in a red bow.

SEE’S CANDY (California)

A California institution that’s been producing its old-fashioned candies since 1921. They do make a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but this box does not scream last minute drugstore purchase.  You can still order online and get it by Valentine’s Day!

Small Gifts with Big Presence

A valentine’s gift should be personal and elegant.  Incessant advertisement may tell you that Valentine’s is a day for diamonds, but we at GG believe that these precious stones should be reserved for truly special occasions: engagement, anniversaries, and significant birthdays.  But, that does not mean that one shouldn’t present a bit of luxury to one’s lady.  Here are a few understated, yet elegant, gifts.


If your significant other does not own a Hermes scarf, she should.  Hermes is one of the most prestigious and luxurious brands around and their signature scarves are a must have for any woman of refined tastes.  Choose a traditional equestrian theme or a color palette that goes well with her wardrobe. (A gentleman must always take note of their female companion’s favorite colors.)


Tiffany makes a wide variety of jewelry; steer clear of anything that is made especially for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped jewelry or anything engraved with the word “love” may be cute on the day, but the rest of the year they are, frankly, tacky.  Keep it traditional with sterling silver or pearls, clean and sparkly.  The classic Tiffany Key (recently featured on Gossip Girl) is always a good choice and everything looks great in the traditional Tiffany blue box.


Perfume is an everyday part of most women’s lives.  So, chances are they already own Chanel No.5 and the like.  Here are two subtle winter scents that she may not own.


Their Blu Mediterraneo fragrances recall the Italian Mediterranean.  My favorite is the Mandorlo Di Sicilia which smells of almond, lavender and orange.


This Parisian company has been dealing in decorative items since 1961, their candles and room scent are now ubiquitous, but their personal fragrances are still a bit under the radar.  The new Eau Duelle scent is a unique blend of white vanilla and black frankincense.

A Final Word On Etiquette

It is always proper etiquette to make gift giving look effortless, even when it isn’t.  So whether you have had restaurant reservations for months or are scrambling at 6pm on Monday, do your best to present your self and your gifts with perfect nonchalance.  A gentleman always orchestrates his machinations with an air of mystery.



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