Own a small piece of Savile Row History: Henry Poole & Co. Accessories Store

Henry Poole & Co., London’s original Savile Row tailor, has dressed England’s crème de la crème since 1806.  Poole & Co. count among their historically significant clientele The Emperor Napoleon III, The Prince of Wales, Queen Victoria, King George VI (see Colin Firth in The King’s Speech), Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II.

Another notable client was Mr. James Potter[1] who in 1886 returned home to New York from a trip to England.  He brought with him a lovely smoking jacket made for him by Edward VII the Prince of Wales’ tailor Henry Poole & Co.  He promptly wore the shorter, more casual, jacket to the Autumn Ball of his Tuxedo Park Club; this shocked the membership, who quickly copied him, and changed fashion history forever.  From then on the black evening jacket would be known as a “Tuxedo.”

All historically and sartorially aware gentlemen covet a Poole bespoke suit.  But, the price tag can be a bit steep for non-royals.

Poole & Co. describe the bespoke suit as such:

“The definition of the word bespoke comes from bespoken giving the characteristic of choice.  This in tailoring terms means to design clothing from a blank canvas, the client adding his own individual choice of styling to those of the skilled cutter.  The cutter will work in tangent with the client’s waistcoat maker, coatmaker and trousers maker adjusting the pattern at the various stages of making thus creating the perfect paper pattern.”

While you may not have the £3,000 and up for one of these cloth masterpieces, you may still crave the prestige and allure of this most refined label.

So, GG brings good news: the Henry Poole & Co. Accessories Store.  Choose from a variety of ties, wallets, suspenders, cufflinks, buttons, and signature umbrellas. All of which can be ordered online at http://www.henrypoole.com/accessories.cns .

Surely, these accessories make a strong case for the phrase, “the accessories make the man.”



New York based GG readers should know Henry Poole & Co. will be in New York for bespoke suit fittings:

8 -12 February 2011 The Intercontinental Hotel 212 755 5900 New York

[1] In some histories Griswold Lorillard, son of Pierre Lorillard IV founder of the Tuxedo Par Club, is credited as the first to wear a “Tuxedo” in America. 


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